Help! I have run out of ideas for lunch!

So with my strict diet I’m so used to eating 1 bowl of fresh tomato soup for lunch, its been this way for months.


So what can I have? I have eggs and stuff like that but i dont have salad and i dont really eat meat that much. I do have vegetables but they are the frozen kind so you will have to tell me how to make a certain thing including the fact i will have to cook the vegetables proir.

gimme some ideas people! 


So I haven’t been on here in forever! I really think I should start posting again.

So now I’m at 25lbs weightloss, but theres still atleast 50lbs to go! But I know I can do it, so I’m putting myself through the biggest test: dieting through the christmas season! I want to lose atleast 14lbs by the end of January which if you think about it, is fairly easy if you really concentrate on what you want.

I’m hoping to be at my goal by may, does anyone think that is possible? I think it could be if I work hard!

At the moment I’ve been doing slim fast, and I lost 4 1/4lbs in the first week, which made me insanely happy but the next week was only 2lbs off because I snacked a little too much. The week after that (last week) was only 1/4 because I completely went off the diet and this week I gained 1lb and that was from 2 weeks of eating out at italian restaurants and A LOT of birthday cake (not to mention the christmas season means eggnog lattes galore!)! So I cant really beat myself up over it, just gotta start with slimfast properly again and eating 3 times a day only with a couple of healthy snacks under 100cals.

I’m also getting my treadmill in a week or two, and I LOVEEEE the treadmill! so much better than the crosstrainer which I despise more than any other exercise machine. 

Tumblr’s weightloss community really does keep me going, nothing makes me want to lose weight like seeing all of you with your success stories and your ongoing success with your weightloss and how happy you all are, with that being said I would love to speak to everyone one and one and discuss tips and even just to rant about our bodies! 

- Molly xo


My weightloss isnt for anyone else, I’m really doing it for myself since my lack of ‘hawt bod’ just upsets me so much, but…

(I totally get this question could sound really stupid, its just a thought ive been having!)

Does anyone feel their weight is why they are single?

Getting back on track.

So, I havent been to weight watchers once since ive been home! I’ve been home since August 17th.

While I have been eating well, and nothing too bad besides the odd treat, I feel i really need to be back there since it ‘scares’ me more into dieting well. I find its also really exciting every week seeing your progress (or in occasional situations where all that exercise and diet only rewarded you with just 1lb off…) which provides you with inspiration every week! whether it be a great loss, a rubbish one or even a gain!

I find looking through tumblr helps me a lot to want to be speedy about weightloss, seeing all these beautiful healthy slim girls! it all makes me very envious and determined. 

Whats everyone else’s inspiration for getting back on track?